afire-logoAustralian Firefighters International Relief and Education

AFIRE is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) established in 2006 by Australian firefighters with the aim of assisting fire services in developing countries. AFIRE has been effectively working in Cambodia since 2006 assisting the Cambodian Fire Department and educating the community in fire safety.


ChildSafe is a proactive child-protection network involving key members of society, protecting children from all forms of abuse and preventing child exploitation and trafficking.


medium reactangle-300x250ChildSafe

There are an estimated 150 million children living or working on the streets worldwide.
All these children are at great risk of being abused and often travellers unwillingly and unknowingly increase there vulnerability.
Here are 7 tips to help to protect children around the world




eagles-logoCambodian Eagles Football Club

The Cambodian Eagles are an Australian rules football team based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Affiliated to the West Coast Eagles, the Eagles have strong community values, and have become much more than just a football club.