Q: Do you provide Airport Transfers?
A:Airport pickups and pickups from bus stations are available by advanced booking.

We can also provide the service of an airconditioned car for a small fee.

Q: How far is it to the airport from Eureka Villas?
A: It is only 6km, and takes approximately 15 minutes depending on the traffic.

Q: How can I book sightseeing tours of Angkor and Siem Reap Area?
A: Eureka Villas can make all arrangements for you at very short notice. We have options for tuk tuks, cars or buses, and can provide tour guides fluent in numerous languages.

Q: What is there to see and do in Siem Reap?
A: There are many attractions and activities you can do here including;

  • Temples of Angkor
  • Floating Villages of Lake Tonle Sap
  • Kulen Mountain
  • Siem Reap Museum
  • Angkor Cultural Village
  • Flight of the Gibbon
  • Bicycle tours
  • Cooking classes
  • Night Markets
  • As well as hundreds of bars and restaurants.

Q: Can Eureka Villas organise transport to other parts of Cambodia?
A: Eureka Villas can offer comprehensive travel arrangements throughout Cambodia and surrounding Countries.
As a service to our customers we offer free booking of;

  • Hotels
  • Tours
  • Buses
  • Private Taxis
  • Boats
  • Flights: it is often significantly cheaper to make the bookings once you are here, rather than booking in advance from overseas.

Q: Where can I go shopping in Siem Reap?
A: Siem Reap offers numerous night markets and variety stores all within walking distance of Eureka Villas.

Q: Where is Eureka Villas located?
A: Eureka Villas is located on Taphoul Village Road, just off National Road 6, (behind the Caltex Service Station) Siem Reap City.

Q: What currency do I need in Cambodia?
A: The local currency in Cambodia is Riel, on average you will get 4,000R to US$1.00. However the US$ is more commonly accepted and easier to exchange. Siem Reap has hundreds of ATM’s and Credit Card facilities so there is no need to carry too much cash. Eureka Villas has on site credit card facilities and accepts visa and mastercard.
Q: Is Siem Reap a safe city?
A: Siem Reap is a very safe place, however like every other city in the world you need to take precautions. Eureka Villas provide in room security safes and has 24 hour security on the premises.